Thursday, March 09, 2006
Brad Johnson reviews "The Challenge to Power" for HopeDance:
One reason Harrington believes SRI is so important is that our political system is largely out of our control. And as more emphasis shifts to the economic sphere, he feels individuals should include investing as the “third leg” of a triad of economic activities that includes our consumer spending and charitable giving. Throughout the book, he mentions various funds and indices that may be useful to potential investors.

Despite his enthusiasm, Harrington is quick to point out that the tremendous growth of SRI means there is a need for skepticism and vigilance about the types of corporations being labeled socially responsible. He notes that the Dow Jones Sustainable Index includes companies like Dow Chemical, and more and more corporations are approaching the issue as public relations rather than a change in behavior. As a result, we see corporate “codes of conduct” and talk of “sustainability” without any accountability or definition of what those terms mean.

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